Graduate programs offered by Department of Economics is open to all students who have completed a four year under-graduate program from any faculty. Our graduate program is aimed at giving in-depth academic knowledge in the field of economics. The majority of the participants are students who have an under-graduate degree from either economics or finance. The students who are from other fields are given a preparatory scientific program for one academic year (two semesters) after examining the courses they have completed in their under-graduate study. Upon successful completion of this scientific program, students can continue taking graduate level courses.

In the graduate program of Economics, courses in Mathematical Economics, Micro Economics, Macro Economics and Econometrics are given. The students who would like to specialize can be directed to fields and subjects they selected in their thesis preparation phase by two semester long seminar classes. 

We have many academicians and senior level private sector managers alumni who have successfully completed the graduate program offered by our department. Our alumni who are prepared for their future endeavors by our traditional ways always get respectful positions at other universities, public sector and private sector companies.


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