Ethnology and Folklore


The department focuses on culture as a whole and is concerned with all aspects of cultural system ranging from social and political organizations, economy (ways of subsistence), language, sicience, art, religion and belief systems; to law, customs, mores, values, oral traditions and folk literature, rituals and ceremonies; and also to much material aspects of culture such as architecture, technology, handicraft, folk medicine, food, dressing and adornment.

Also included within the scope of the Discipline is the analysis of the processes of change and continuity in culture, with a particular interest in the reasons for culture change. To accomplish this task, the Department does not only deal with “tradition” and the traditional patterns of culture, but also with modern and contemporary dynamics of culture. In this context, its interest extends towards such subject matters as cultural identity, ethnicity and nationalism, multi-culturalism, globalization, locality, gender, media and the interaction between culture and nature.

Providing the courses and other academic activities connected with the above-mentioned disciplinary procedure, the Department aims and intends to prepare students for gaining a comparative perspective and multi-dimensional, relativist worldview in their studies of and assessments on human, culture and society.