Global and Regional Studies


In the academic literature of world’s ruling countries, the Comparative Political Analysis, Regional Studies, Global Analysis, Strategic and Diplomatic studies have become an important part of Political Sciences. The Comparative Global Solutions is an ample part of academic course-line in both Anglo-Saxon and the Continental European academic world. Especially, in this recent rapid globalization continuum, the interest towards new scientific study areas which would include academicians from different disciples are getting even more attention. In this respect, some disciplines in traditional fields ,such as “International Relations”, “Political Science”, “Economics”, “Sociology”, “History” and related social sciences, have been converging towards each other even though their scientific approach has been very dispersed  until recently. In addition, European studies, Studies on USA, Middle East, Asia, Caucasia and Balkans, Global economic policies and studies on Nationalism have taken their places in line with traditional disciplines.

By taking Globalization granted via its positive and/or negative consequences and taking new perspectives from global and sub-regional studies in an understandable clarity, we can easily assume that International  Relations and Political Sciences will get more important with an interdisciplinary redefinition. It seems very likely that it is no longer possible to find answers to multidimensional and multilayer problems in different regions around the world by just using traditional scientific approaches as if these problems are solely domestic or solely international. In today’s global world where lines that separate national and regional relations get thinner everyday, the academic and intellectual capacity in single-minded disciplines have become utterly insufficient. In order to answer new developments in the today’s world, Department of Global and Regional Studies offers a non-thesis Master’s degree program designed  for public and non profit private sector professionals who have enough intellectual capability to follow the recent developments in global/regional/national events from an transdisciplinary perspective.

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