Art History

Name of Department: ART HISTORY
Information: The aim of Art History Department is to educate capable students which understand not only appearings and past levels of plastic art branches includes painting, sculpture, architecture and handicrafts but also can follow contemporary changes and developings of these branches; and know essential periods and main properties of Byzantine, Islamic, European and Turkish Arts and can analysize their effects and reflections with other cultural environment, have abilities for searching, studying also can have comments about unknowns.
Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Kıymet GİRAY
Phone: (0 312) 310 32 80 / 1088
e-mail: kgiray25@yahoo.comDepartment Coordinator
Dr. Serkan SUNAY
Phone: (0 312) 310 32 80 / 1079
Heads of Sub-departments:
Departmental Secretary: Ankara University Faculty Of Languages, History And Geography, Department of Art History, Sıhhiye/ANKARA
(0 312) 310 32 80 / 1089