Human Rights


Human Rights is not also getting much more attention lately, but also its popularity as a discipline in academic circles has been increasing in Turkey and around the World. In parallel to this wide ranged interest, the number of graduate level programs in Human Rights has been increasing steadily.

The interest in Human Rights at Ankara University has been already there before its recent popularity, for instance, the courses related to Human Rights have been opened by Law School and Faculty of Political Sciences since 1950s. It is also important to note that the Human Rights Center established on December 18th 1978 within the body of Faculty of Political Sciences was a first to remember.

On the contrary to its long history at Ankara University, there was no graduate level programs in the subject of Human Rights. Although the other disciplines offered quite a few graduate level courses on the subject, an  independent graduate program, which solely concentrates on Human Rights, has not yet been established. The reason for this delay was to design a program which would get the attention of other social science disciplines combining their efforts in this new field. This interdisciplinary approach for the new program is in fact a much better way instead of specializing on it as a separate discipline. Hence, an Human Rights interdisciplinary academic program has been established in Ankara University and started to accept students in 2010.