Museum Education

The Department of Museum Education was founded in 1997 as an interdisciplinary department within the body of Graduate School of Social Sciences at Ankara University. The main purpose of the department is training Professional museum educators. In that regards, our department offers the opportunity to get a master’s degree in museum education. The courses aim to provide an integrated approach to the museum education theory and practice. Department’s requirement is a degree in archeology or history of art or a related field such as sociology, anthropology and history. Specified educational qualifications and teaching experience is essential and helpful. The program with thesis requires the completion of 7 courses, a seminar and the writing of master’s thesis. The program without thesis requires 10 courses and a final project.

Our department plans to design new courses and activities for students as future museum educators. Future plans of department includes museum education activities for disabled people, organizing regular seminars and both national and international symposiums in museum education discipline, getting into a partnership with museums in Turkey, making student exchange possible in museum education discipline and collaborate foreign museum education and museum studies department from various countries. The department of museum education collaborates with the Center for Research on Child Culture and Toy Museum which are also in Ankara University.