Radio, Television and Cinema

Information: The department carries out postgraduate programmes in which academic studies related to the various aspects of visual and audio media are followed. The postgraduate and doctorate programmes of the department offers courses focusing on various levels of radio-television broadcasting and cinema within a framework of multidisciplinary approach nourished on various social sciences and investigating them within their political and socio-economic aspects, and a  methodological and theoretical framework aiming at studies in above mentioned areas is constituted.
In the postgraduate programmes of the department, postgraduate and doctorate degrees are offered with academic studies and thesises contributing to the knowledge of communication studies.
Radio Television Cinema postgraduate and doctorate programmes are carried out by the academic staff of Ankara University Communication Faculty, the pioneering institution of education and studies in communication in Turkey.
Head of Department: Prof. Dr. S.Ruken ÖZTÜRK
Telephone: +90 312 319 77 14/259
Coordinator of the Department
Doç.Dr. Özgür Yaren
Telephone: +90 312 319 77 14 / 241
Yrd.Doç.Dr. Eren Yüksel
Telephone: +90 312 319 77 14 / 230
Heads of Sub-Departments:  
Departmental Secretary: Birsen ATİK
Telephone: +90 (0 312) 319 77 14 / 215