Documents required for registration are stated below:

1) Foreign students who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate study in Turkey have to submit the original bachelor’s diploma or master’s diploma, or a certified copy of it. Foreign students who have completed their study abroad have to submit the notary certified translation of their diplomas and the original equivalency certificate or a certified copy of it given by The Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

2) The original student certificate with GPA or a University certified copy of it; notary   certified translation of student certificate given by foreign universities.

MA application = Minimum Undergraduate GPA must be 2.0.

Doctorate application = Minimum Master’s GPA must be 3.0

3) The original certificate of language examination result or its printout given by TÖMER , which approves that the student knows Turkish. (Some departments may require a certain level of Turkish score which will be announced in the application period)

4) The original certificate or the printout of ÜDS/ KPDS or YDS result or of an equivalent examination. Minimum ÜDS/ KPDS or YDS score for MA application and Doctorate application = 55 point (Applicant should submit ÜDS/ KPDS or YDS score of a language except for his native language: English, French, German)

5) Student visa, passport and their notary certified translation,

6) The original certificate of residence or its certified copy given by the police department,

7) Six recently taken 45 x 60mm photos,

8) Bank’s receipt of tuition fee or evening education fee,

9) Scholar have to submit the original scholarship certificate or its certified copy,

10) Minimum requirements and exam scores are defined above. Certain changes, if any, will be announced in the application period.