Mission and Vision


Our mission is to become a prestigious institution which puts the principals of excellence and competence in its centre for the existing postgraduate programmes in accordance with the general mission assumed by Ankara University; to introduce the most needed programmes in the light of the recent developments in the globalized world, beginning with the process of Bologna; to be preferable by the most qualified native and foreign students by doing rigorous studies serving as a model in research, education and relations with society; to be the most demanded for its accomplished degrees and certificates both in academy and out of academy; to provide the most opportunity to conduct scientific studies within the highest level of academic freedom; to be known as democratic, participating, transparent, offering student-centric education and management as well as having high principles and consistency.


Our vision is to closely follow up the necessities of the stakeholders in accordance with the general vision of Ankara University, take the criticisms seriously, learn from mistakes made and readjust constantly; to work for making different graduate programmes such as thesis and non-thesis programmes, second education and distance education which are designed for different needs on the same level of perfection and efficiency; to strengthen basic facilities and infrastructure for high quality service; to make arrangements based on scientific projects in order to make administrative staff more efficient; to organize meetings and workshops in order to increase the level of satisfaction of the students who study in different programs and vary qualitatively, and work for and follow up improvements based on the results of these meetings and workshop; to speed up the effort for infrastructure improvements and constructing automation systems in all departments to serve both the students and the associates better and in time; to update and renew the web page with the principle that communication is the most basic necessity; to produce journals for announcing the results of scientific research and to make the on-line journal of the institute sustainable