Anthropological studies in Turkey have started for the first time by “Anthropology Research Center of Turkey” which was established in the body of Istanbul Darülfünun Medical School in 1925. The founders of the center are Nurettin Ali Berkel, Neşet Ömer İrdelp, Prof. Süreyya Ali, Köprülüzade Fuat, Prof. Mouchet and Prof. İsmail Hakkı. In October 1925, the first issue of Turkish Anthropology Journal was printed, and 22 more issues were printed until 1939.

In 1927, Research fellow Dr. Şevket Aziz Kansu at Istanbul Univeristy Medical School was sent to Anthropology School of Paris for training. Anthropological studies in Turkey has been worked on by experts on the subject after the return of Mr. Kansu to Istanbul. In 1934, Seniha Tunakan was sent to Berlin University, Germany, also in 1935, Muzaffer Süleyman Şenyürek to Harvard University USA, and in between 1936 and 1938, Afet İnan as a student of Prof. Dr. Eugene Pittard to Geneva, Switzerland. After Istanbul Darülfün became Istanbul University in 1933, Institute of Anthropology was merged into Faculty of Science at Istanbul University and changed its name to “Turkish Anthropology Institute”.In 1935 after the decision to form Faculty of Languages, History And Geography at Ankara, main anthropological research has been moved to Ankara Evkaf Apartment and later to Faculty of Languages, History And Geography after the construction of its building complex was complete. In 1962, Establishment of “Research Institute of Anthropological Sciences” replaced “Turkish Anthropology Institute”.

In 1993, Social Anthropology was branched out and name of the department was changed to “Physical Anthropology and Paleoanthropology”. In the following years, Social Anthropology joined back to the department, and our department was renamed as “Department of Anthropology”. Department of Anthropology has now three disciplines: Physical Anthropology, Paleoanthropology and Social Anthropology. Doctorate and Master’s degree programs are offered in all three disciplines.

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